We aim to ingrain altruism in the Pakistani society for which we provide avenues for individuals to learn skills by assisting or taking up opportunities in various welfare projects via volunteerism.


To identify and develop a network of volunteers for community service for projects in various regions of Pakistan under these four categories:

  • School/College students
  • University/Postgraduates Students
  • Corporate/Professional volunteers
  • Philanthropists
  • Unique perspective (Why is this different)

    Established in 2011, The Charter for Compassion in Pakistan dedicates itself to providing community service in various areas, including education, healthcare, female empowerment, etc. While the organization has full-time staff, one major bottleneck in the scale-up of such welfare projects is available human resources. To alleviate this bottleneck and also bring in a variety of skillsets, we open up opportunities for volunteers who are in positions to assist/take on the responsibilities associated with welfare projects. A successful volunteer network will develop projects further and create a community to spread awareness about compassion, aligned with the Charter's goals and the pay-it-forward mentality fostered by Karen Armstrong.

    What all you offer

    Razakar aims to foster sustainability with the concept of care-and-grow, where a volunteer can carry the knowledge and skills to new ventures in new places for the common good.

    Razakar is a volunteer program that aims to create a community of volunteers around Pakistan and increase awareness on the importance of volunteerism.

    Success stories

    My involvement with Charter for Compassion presented me with the most beneficial learning opportunities. The office is young, energetic, and driven. As an intern, you are given responsibilities that encourage you to innovate and feel invested in CfC. Not only did I learn how to conduct research, but I also learned how to correctly analyze data, publish results, generate data tables, and gain a deeper knowledge of the information accessible. Mr. Taha Zaheer and Mr. Ibrahim Lateef have not only been teachers to me but true mentors who gave me enough space to flourish in the organization. They have provided me with a wealth of information that will surely be useful for me to help me build my future career and to reach my goals.
    — Fahad Ejaz | Institute of Business Administration

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