Keeping the social dichotomies in mind that are visible from the Qayymubad Bridge, where homeless families and drug addicts occupy one side, and just a few kilometers away, we see a huge college campus where the student enrolment is up to ten thousand, we aim to create a compassionate society that connects these polar opposite segments under one bridge.


This project aims to change mindsets and empower women and the youth in the vicinity by hosting conversations and workshops. We intend to create a safe and socially conducive space for women, youth, and adolescents where they can come together to discuss their daily life stressors, familial relationships, and unwind their minds from the emotional issues they experience, grow their career opportunities, and nourish a peaceful society. The aim is to bridge the gaps prevailing in our society due to differences in demographics with content-driven activities on education and the environment.

Unique Perspective

This is a first-of-its-kind project that has not ever been implemented globally. Multiple organizations have tried to bridge the gap between different social classes, but none have employed the tools to do so as the project Bridges.

What all you offer

“Bridges” is to build peace among the community by:

  • Promoting mental well-being to people who have undergone violence, trauma by connecting them to relevant counselors and psychologists.
  • Creating mental and emotional well-being awareness with compassionate teaching skills and mental health techniques.
  • Empowering the people through dress-making, beautician, and computer courses specifically tailored for women to enhance employment prospects.
  • Increasing the frequency of interaction between the marginalized and majority and create compassion and tolerance amongst the two through sports and vocational training.