Compassionate Karachi is a civil society movement that engages all the city’s stakeholders from education sector, development sector, and businesses to advocate and engage in compassionate action in schools, workplaces, homes, businesses, and government to bring about meaningful changes in their lives.


The internationally acclaimed Compassionate Cities Campaign has successfully made its mark in Karachi by initiating its wave of change in the city of lights in 2014. The aim of Compassionate Karachi is to create multiple compassion-based actions all over the city that engage our civil society members and teach them the importance of compassion in the process.

Unique Perspective

We create projects that involve stakeholders from multiple facets of our society including Schools, Universities, Organizations, and Associations. We started with a play that introduced the concept of a Compassionate Karachi to 3500 children from 20 Schools. It laid the foundation for Compassionate Karachi campaign, also called the ‘Five Visions’ Campaign where we asked citizens to submit their vision of a more Compassionate Karachi. The Campaign engaged 400 schools, 28 universities, and 100 organizations and we received over 400,000 visions. Based on the received 400,000 visions, Charter for a Compassionate Karachi was drafted. This is the first document in the history of the Nation that has a direct input from over 400,000 people. In the second phase, we launched the One Million Signature Campaign. The Campaign has once again allowed us to strengthen our campaign in all the 400 schools, 28 universities, and 60+ organizations that participated earlier.

Charter for Compassionate Karachi