Compassionate Sports is one of the many initiatives undertaken by Charter for Compassion Pakistan to engage the youth of lesser privileged areas to participate in productive and healthy sports activities to help improve their personality and character. The objective is to develop feelings of resilience and self-efficacy, team cohesion, synergy, and problem-solving capabilities for both communities and individuals.


The focus of the sports program is on the mental, physical and social health of sports participants. A trials period lasting over two months, engaging 1500 children, allowed our committed coaches to select vulnerable yet motivated players for the camp from Korangi, Lyari, and Sultanabad/ Hijrat Colony.

Unique Perspective

There already exists a dearth of spaces where individuals can take part in some kind of sport or any other physical activity. The situation is even worse for people coming from underserved areas. Compassionate Sports tackles an otherwise untapped issue and provides the underprivileged an opportunity to take part in some sort of physical exercise.

What all you offer

The Compassionate Cricket Camp currently acts as a second home to 270 Children from these areas allowing them to partake in practice sessions regularly, matches, tournaments, and compassionate skill-based training in 4 specific skills of compassion, i.e., Mindfulness, Courage, Integrity, and Forgiveness. In September 2017, sports goods were provided to 15 literacy centers across 4 districts of Sindh, catering to 4000 learners to inculcate healthy living style and providing them a platform to showcase their sports talents. In October 2017, sports week was also organized in 4 government schools in Sukkur and Khairpur, engaging 3500 students in athletic activities. In November 2017, another cricket camp was launched at Eidgah Nazimabad cricket ground for nearby underprivileged areas.