Research indicates that Altruism and Compassion – are attributes considered inseparable from medical professionalism – do not always endure or explore the real-time issues medical professionals face at their jobs. Compassion fatigue and burnout are the leading difficulties that cause decreased enthusiasm and motivation in these professionals, eventually leading to decreased employee engagement and patient satisfaction. Committing to science and practice of compassionate care, Charter for Compassion Pakistan launched Compassion in Healthcare, the first of its kind initiative in the world, in July 2018.

Compassion in HealthCare


To curate an environment where health practitioners do not feel burnout by ensuring they have the skills to practice compassion. We want to ensure patients feel that they are cared for and experience empathy throughout their treatment.


To collaborate with different healthcare institutions and conduct programs that give health practitioners the skills they need to avoid burnout while practicing empathy.

Unique Perspective

This is the first project in the world that describes the development of a feasible on-job nursing mentorship program using a compassionate framework aimed at improving nurses’ experience and thus enhancing patient experience from a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. The intermediate outcome was to have nurses demonstrate skills of compassion with the eventual outcome of improving the patient's experience of compassion. It created a space to talk about compassionate skills with staff and provide trainings and on-job coaching, amongst other skills.

What all you offer

CfC Pakistan collaborated with The Aga Khan University Hospital's Service Line 4, Children's Hospital, in July 2018, and conducted Compassionate Skills training on the Nine Skills of Compassion to enhance mentorship roles of the Hospital's 35 leading personnel, including Head Nurses, Head Doctors, and Admin Staff. Following the favorable reception in Children's Hospital, collaboration with The Aga Khan University School of Nursing & Midwifery is underway. CfC also envisions collaborations with more healthcare settings by the year-end.