Compassionate School Network (CSN)

The Compassionate School Network (CSN) is a research-based initiative to test experimental ideas which use creative approaches towards peace building in education. It is proven to lead towards better teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and an improved schooling environment. Using it as a collaborative resource for academic, social, and emotional learning in schools has worked and is one of the most well-designed, evidence-based learning programs.

Compassionate Karachi

Compassionate Schools in Sukkur and Khairpur

To echo the sentiment of the founder of our initiative Amin Hashwani, cohesion and coexistence would seem like less of a tedious task if we were all to lock ourselves in a room and remain exclusively self-critical until we reach a solution. Charter for Compassion’s Golden Rule for bringing about mutual acceptance and tolerance is “treat others the same way we wish to be treated”.

Mumkin - Women Empowerment Initiative

The first step in bringing about positive and lasting changes in our society is to acknowledge that inequality does exist. In our society in particular it does so in abundance. However, we are in the process of taking the next step which is making sure something is being done about it. This has led us to persist in ensuring that power is put back into the hands of those who have suffered injustices by virtue of their, class, gender or ethnic and religious background.

Coordinator's Project

The Coordinator’s project started under the Compassionate School Network in 2013-Date The very first school CfC worked was Government Girls Intelligence School Sultanabad, which was an adopted school by Mr. Moinuddin Haider. CfC signed an MoU in order to take care of the Management of the school, this included the monitoring of the Government Staff, hiring of Coordinators (Subject Specific) and school coordinators. CfC was also responsible for training the staff. There are three schools that come under the Moinuddin Haider’s Adoptee list.

Collaborative Libraries Project

With the advent of technology and e-books, the reading culture in libraries is becoming extinct. More so, the lack of libraries in our country is depriving children today from the fulfilling and gratifying experience of reading books.

Bearing this thought process; the Collaborative Libraries Project (CLP) was conceptualized under the Compassionate Karachi campaign in 2014. With the generous support of our donor, Jubilee Life Insurance, 15 libraries were created in underserved schools of Korangi, Lyari and Shireen Jinnah Colony impacting over 5000 students who had never experienced a library before.

Compassionate Footprint Initiative

Since the occurrence of the most devastating heat wave in Karachi’s history in 2015, the city witnessed a devastating loss of more than 1200 lives. This warranted immediate action, hence leading to the creation of the Compassionate Footprint Initiative. Our teams went into immediate overdrive to spread awareness about the environment. Our target audience were mainly schools and we supplemented our awareness campaign with a plantation drive to increase the strength of our message.

Compassionate Sports

The Charter for Compassion Cricket Club was established on the 1st February 2014, successfully having engaged 1200 underprivileged children within the space of two months. Our committed coaches were deployed to select talented young cricketers and motivate committed players in the following areas of Karachi: Korangi, Lyari Sultanabad and Hijrat Colony. Around 270 children from these areas have now been reached, some of whom have been pulled away from violent surroundings.

Compassionate Schools in Thar

Charter for Compassion Pakistan in collaboration with the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) manage three primary schools in small villages in the Tharparkar District of Sindh. The villages we will be attending to include Biitra, Mansingh Bheel and Thariyo Halepota.

Compassionate Business Quotient

Compassionate Business Quotient by Charter for Compassion is form of corporate training is meant to evoke compassionate thought and action in individuals from different walks of life. In 2011 a study was conducted in Pakistan to determine the level of compassion in professionals from 21 organizations from different industries and sectors, surprisingly none these reputable organizations could be categorized as highly compassionate. This indicates the dire need for compassionate-based training in organizations.

Ramzaan Challenge Activity

Research indicates that individuals who develop positive reading habits at an early age tend to cultivate better comprehension skills. Unfortunately with the rising trend in prioritizing various technologies over a set of books, this age-old skill is seldom worked on.

EBM Arts Competition

Dream, believe and achieve is the philosophy we carry; in order to do that, it is very important to support the cause of Arts. Children are wonders of imagination therefore, Charter for Compassion, along with English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) brought forward an art competition themed: “Compassion”. For young artists ranging from 6 years to 16 years, to showcase their imagination and produce works of wonder. With 8 schools participating and over 400 young artists coming forward, the competition was held on January 30th, 2014 at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park.

Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program

The Adult and Adolescent Learning and Training Program (AALTP) provides accelerated non-formal education to vulnerable adolescents and basic functional literacy for adults as well as certified vocational training courses.

Charter for Compassion Pakistan signed an agreement with the Sindh Education Foundation on the 17th of April 2017, covering 15 centers and targeting approximately 4,000 learners. In total CFC has established 12 centers in Karachi, 1 Centre in Badin, 1 Centre in Sukkur and 1 in Khairpur.

Compassionate Schools – Badin

Over the past five years, Education in Sindh has plummeted due to the lack of resources. This includes a lack of qualified staff, water shortages and no electricity. As of today, about three million children are missing out on an education.

Bridges - Compassionate Community Centre

We are now in the process of trying to build a strong and cohesive community with a learning center where our society’s disparities are at their most severe around the Qayyumabad Bridge in Karachi. The name given to this project is significant as it is a fitting metaphor for the work we are doing and what we are trying to achieve around the Qayyumabad Bridge in terms of eliminating social disparities and closing the gap between rich and poor.


In healthcare a patient’s care and subsequent satisfaction should be top priority. If this level of care is compromised, it has the potential to be disastrous. We feel that compassion and medical work in general are inseparable from each other if Staff and clients want to make the most out of their medical appointments.


Ruhbaru (face to face) is an online mental health and counseling platform. Ruhbaru provides psycho-education on the different mental health issues faced by people in order to remove the stigma; self-assessments of wellbeing and compassionate skills among the people; and online consultations with psychologists and psychiatrists, and free counseling services.

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