Compassionate School Network (CSN)

The Compassionate School Network (CSN) is a research-based approach to test the experimental ideas which use creative approaches to cause peace building in education. They have been found to have better teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and improved school environment. Using it as a collaborative resource for academic, social, and emotional learning in schools; it has worked as one of the most well-designed, evidence-based learning programs.

Compassionate Karachi

Compassionate Schools in Sukkur and Khairpur

The Golden Rule is “to make this world a peaceful place, is to treat others the same way we would wish to be treated”. This dogma is what revolves around each project of the Government of Sindh Education and Literacy Department. After consistent efforts of the Charter for Compassion (CfC) to make humanity common in all corners of Pakistan; the charter made another goal to take education to the next level in the country. The EMO project along with the CfC, made a Sindh Education Sector Plan which sets its goal to make every child in the province not only educated without a financial aid, but also given quality education competing the private schooling system and opportunities for deserving youth to earn a living through teaching profession.

Mumkin - Women Empowerment Initiative

According to a famous saying; “If you educate a woman you educate an entire generation. A woman is the nucleus of a household and plays a major role in raising her children.”

Mumkin is a social learning space for underprivileged women come together, socially connect with each other, acquire useful skills and share their knowledge. The project title highlights the message that women are equal members of society and with the right attitude and improved skill set; it is possible for them to become a thriving asset for a society.

Coordinator's Project

The Coordinator’s project started under the Compassionate School Network in 2013-Date The very first school CfC worked was Government Girls Intelligence School Sultanabad, which was an adopted school by Mr. Moinuddin Haider. CfC signed an MoU in order to take care of the Management of the school, this included the monitoring of the Government Staff, hiring of Coordinators (Subject Specific) and school coordinators. CfC was also responsible for training the staff. There are three schools that come under the Moinuddin Haider’s Adoptee list.

Collaborative Libraries Project

With the advent of technology and e-books, the reading culture in libraries is becoming extinct. More so, the lack of libraries in our country is depriving children today from the fulfilling and gratifying experience of reading books.

Bearing this thought process; the Collaborative Libraries Project (CLP) was conceptualized under the Compassionate Karachi campaign in 2014. With the generous support of our donor, Jubilee Life Insurance, 15 libraries were created in underserved schools of Korangi, Lyari and Shireen Jinnah Colony impacting over 5000 students who had never experienced a library before.

Compassionate Footprint Initiative

Since the occurrence of the most devastating heat wave in Karachi 2015, the city witnessed a deep shock of losing more than 1200 lives. This warranted immediate action, hence leading to the creation of the Compassionate Footprint project. Our teams went into an immediate overdrive to spread awareness about the environment. Our target audience was schools' and we supplemented our awareness campaign with a plantation drive to increase the strength of our message.

Compassionate Sports

Compassionate Sports is an initiative taken by the Charter for Compassion to engage children of lesser privileged areas to participate in productive and healthy sports activities. We intend to build personality and character through the means of sports. The CCC was established on 1st February 2014. We maintained a trial period of two months and successfully engaged 1200 children! Our committed coaches were present to select talented youths and motivate committed players. The camp took place in areas of Korangi, Lyari Sultanabad and Hijrat Colony.

Compassionate Schools in Thar

Charter for Compassion Pakistan in collaboration with Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) is managing three primary schools in small villages of Tharparkar District of Sindh. These three villages are Biitra, Mansingh Bheel and Thariyo Halepota respectively.

Compassionate Business Quotient

Compassionate Business Quotient is an effort to evoke compassionate thought and action in individuals from different walks of life. In 2011 a study was conducted in Pakistan to determine the level of compassion in professionals from 21 organizations from different industries and sectors, surprisingly none these reputable organizations could be categorized as highly compassionate. This indicates the dire need for compassionate trainings in organizations.

Ramzaan Challenge Activity

Research indicates that individuals who develop reading habits at an early age tend to cultivate better comprehension skills. These skills if nurtured in the ideal schooling environment enable a child to acquire improved academic achievements. Unfortunately, with the rising trend in the prioritizing of various technologies over a set of books, this skill has been seldom worked on.

EBM Arts Competition

Dream, believe and achieve is the philosophy we carry; in order to do that, it is very important to support the cause of Arts. Children are wonders of imagination therefore, Charter for Compassion, along with English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) brought forward an art competition themed: “Compassion”. For young artists ranging from 6 years to 16 years, to showcase their imagination and produce works of wonder. With 8 schools participating and over 400 young artists coming forward, the competition was held on January 30th, 2014 at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park.

The topics varied from random acts of kindness to courage, highlighting the concept of how sad our world would be without compassion. This competition reflected on turning our city into a compassionate one - by allowing participants to draw, paint, color their imaginations, dreams and emotions based on the topic they choose.

Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program

The Adult and Adolescent Learning and Training Program (AALTP) aims to provide accelerated non-formal education to vulnerable adolescent and basic functional literacy for adults together with a certified vocational training course.

Charter for Compassion (CfC) Pakistan signed the agreement with Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) on 17th April 2017 for 15 centers targeting approximately 4,000 learners. CFC has established 12 centers in Karachi, 1 Centre in Badin, 1 Centre in Sukkur and 1 in Khairpur.

CfC as an implementing partner will impart AALTP Course in the duration of 3 years. The AALTP course comprises of 3 Packages- ‘Package A’ is designed for katchi and Grade I (duration 8 months), ‘Package B’ is designed for Grade II / Grade III (duration 8 months) and ‘Package C’ is designed for Grade IV and Grade V (duration 14 months).”

Compassionate Schools – Badin

Over the past five years, the education of Sindh has been plummeting due to lack of resources. These include non-qualified staff, shortage of water, unavailability of electricity, among other legitimate problems. As of today, about three million children are out of schools. However, Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) has launched programs to promote private school in rural Sindh (PPRS) under a public-private partnership schemes as part of Sindh education reform program II 2013 -14. The program initially launched under SERP-I in 2008-09 continues as a part of SERP-II, the program has been designed by the SEF in collaboration with the reform support unit and the World Bank.

Bridges - Compassionate Community Centre

The stark contrast between polar opposite segments of Karachi- Pakistan’s largest city- could not be more evident than around the Qayyumabad bridge. The vacant space under the bridge is usually occupied by homeless families, and drug addicts. Whilst only a few kilometers away from the bridge is situated a huge college campus where student enrollment is up to ten thousand.


The Whys and Wherefores: Research indicates that Altruism and Compassion – attributes essentially considered inseparable from medical professionalism – do not always endure and explores the real-time issues medical professionals face at their jobs. Compassion fatigue and burnout are the leading difficulties that cause decreased enthusiasm and motivation in these professionals, eventually leading to decreased employee engagement and patient satisfaction. Committing to science and practice of compassionate care, Charter for Compassion Pakistan launched Compassion in Healthcare, the first of its kind initiative in the world, in July 2018.