Mindfulness : Living in the Moment - Living in the Breath

“Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.” ― Amit Ray, Mindfulness : Living in the Moment - Living in the Breath. A first of its kind in Pakistan Mindfulness Meditation session was arranged at GGHS, Arian Sukkur by Charter for Compassion Pakistan. The training was arranged for teachers of four schools awarded to CfC as part of the Education Management Organization Project under Sindh Basic Education Program initiative. Approximately 100 government and private teachers from GGHS Arain, GHS Abad Lakha, GHS Bedil Bekas from Sukkur and GBHS Koro Goth from Khairpur participated in the 10 day training. which began with Mindful Meditation (one of the 9 skills of Compassion) followed by trainings on Content knowledge and subject specific pedagogies.

Dr. Priya Saklani, a holistic and spiritual healer for humans and animals; conducted the online session on Mindfulness Meditation , the training lasted for 30 minutes where a specially designed Manual by Dr. Priya was also shared with the participants. The idea was not only to introduce Mindful Meditation as part of the everyday life but also how it may help teachers with their work and students in coping with stress and improving academically. Recent researches and approaches were shared with the teachers, which gave them an insight on the global approach and how to get in sync with it The teachers were led through a ten minute mindful meditation session with the help of music followed by question answers Dr. Priya made sure that they were able to understand its dynamics and importance in everyday life. "It's even part of our religion" said one of the teachers while asking questions from Dr. Priya. The teachers were asked to follow the same practice every day during the training at the start of the day, the whole initiative was well received so much that the teachers used to remind CfC Pakistan's team to conduct the session. The teachers shared that they want to conduct the same sessions in assembly every day. A new Manual for children is being developed where teachers will be taught how to teach Mindful Meditation to students through different approaches. The training will take place in June and July of 2017.

Mindful Mediation can bring drastic changes to every child's personality if taken in the right direction. CfC also urged the teachers to teach the methodology to their family members in order to have a collective change. Some of the testimonials are as follows.

I feel so relax and meditation makes me fresh. During school period first I want to do is meditation".
Bakhtawar Sohangi, Arain

Meditation is very important for us because it is healthful about us. We close our eyes and feel relaxed. Many problems come into mind but I try to avoid these problems through this technique.
“Rozina Bhutto”

The initiative taken by CFC to practice meditation before our training session was fruitful. It helped us to be at peace which makes us to understand things at session easily q>
“Aslam pervez”