The Gift

What could the best possible gift be for our future generation to take over not our existing mantle but create a new improved version by filling in the gaps where we as a nation failed? But, before we ponder over what this gift may
be, lets begin to deconstruct the silos that we have worked so hard to build and seek refuge in. As we conquer a false sense of purpose in our minds we humans forget the fundamentals that to be part of a harmonious society we must step out of our well-imagined beautifulbubbles that act as a defense mechanism and shield us from the true nature of what this lost society has now become. This tailored cloak of ignorance is what prevents us from looking past others mistakes as we fail to even attempt to understand their psyche.

We fail because we believe in a system where empathy comes second to self-gain and every time we don’t give empathy a chance, this belief system further strengthens. Though we share a wall, the distance between our neighbors and us couldn’t be more. Irony works its magic as we, in this digital age where social media has gained enough momentum as a force to be reckoned with, could not have been more ignorant of each others emotional well being. We speak of unity, faith and discipline as if it were genetically coded into us yet we falter from our publically shared values when our self-interest is at stake.

This inability of acknowledging, understanding, accepting and acting altruistically becomes a hurdle for societies to grow in a direction that poets and politicians talk about when trying to galvanize masses. So what mere gift could we possibly present to our future generations, could it be the gift of being a role model? One who has compassion embedded in to their decision making process? Imagine a society being represented by a country where all decisions and actions taken by governments, city administrations, organizations, associations and academic institutions stem from the golden rule of compassion, where we treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Resilience continues to prevail in our mindset as a nation. Time and time again, we have risen after being struck by turmoil and disaster, whether natural or a direct consequence of the inability ofmankindto control its ego. The challenge that we must now undertake is for us to fathom the responsibility and sincerely begin the transfer of knowledge to the youth by considering them as one unit and not as representatives from different ethnic, religious, political or socio economic backgrounds. And so, its time we stepped out of the silos, destroyed our egos and stopped floating six inches above the ground and instead began to think of every interaction with the youth as an opportunity to create a future that we can truly be proud of, a future where we create a legacy of compassionate role models as our gift.