Aman Foundation

In Pakistan, there currently exist a plethora of problems and issues; hence maybe it is apt that there are an abundance of NGOs working on solving the myriad of complexities that currently exist. However, it is important to shed light on those doing something “different”.Aman foundation is one that does something a little “more”. It balances a network of ambulances, telephone health services, skills training institutes; children education centers and places where children can benefit from a nutritious meal.

Started in 2008 in Karachi, Aman Foundation now operates a network of 100 ambulances that have a response time of less than ten minutes. Each of the ambulances have trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMTs) and doctors, who can provide appropriate help in cases of cardiac arrest and critical injuries. These ambulances have made it easier to transport patients to and from the hospital, cutting down on the risk that the inevitable traffic jams in Karachi pose for critical patients. Unlike other ambulances, they actually have the staff that can stabilize the patients during that interminable drive, and thus considerably lessen the anxiety of the family.

Operating under this health program, Aman Foundation has also started Telehealth; a system that operates as a call centre.Telehealth is staffed with doctors and nurses who provide advice to those patients in remote areas, or to women who do not venture fat from their homes. They address issues by providing accessibility to people who cannot afford transportation costs, and have created a network of emergency help that spreads awareness of chronic diseases and identifies possibly problematic issues. They help people recognize symptoms and in cases where a thorough checkup is needed, encourage them to see doctors. Working side by side with Telehealth are the community health workers, who reach out to underprivileged areas, and help with maternal and neo-natal care, malaria, acute infections and addictions. They operate through mobile clinics and setups where hospitals are not available.

TheAmanghar initiative empathizes with the plight of parents who are unable to provide their children with proper nutrition. They aim to reduce malnutrition and provide an incentive for children to come to school by providing them free nutritious meals each day. TheAman Foundation currently provides 2600 meals a day to children in KhuddaKi Basti and plan on turning this into a model to be adapted by the government and other institutions.

The second area of concentration for the Aman Foundation is education. The founders of Aman Trust are mindful of the needs of this country and the appalling lack of education and training institutes that could equip the people to better their standard of living.

Under its education program, Aman Foundation has introduced Amantech, to target the unskilled labor force, and turn them into skilled, trained workers who then have better job prospects. In duration of 12 months, the trainees can be trained in automobile, electric mechanical engineering, as well as refrigeration and air-conditioning, fabrication and welding and pipe work they can also be educated in soft skills like CAD, English language and basic computing. They are then offered jobs with various national and international organizations, increasing both their earning ability and standard of living.

Their second program, targeting younger school-going-children, who do not have good teachers and are unable to gain quality education, is the Teach for Pakistan program. It recruits university graduates for fully paid positions to teach these children for two years each, providing them with skills, and adequate education to allow them to meet their own needs in the future.

Though as yet, Aman foundation is based in Karachi, it intends to in the coming year spread its influence into Khyber Pakhtoonkwa by setting up a base in Peshawar.

In this way, Aman Foundation influences the two most important needs, health and education, for people of all ages. It affects, with its education program, a large group of people, providing them with an education and skill set that enables them to become self-sustaining. With its focus on health, it helps in both preventative and curative measures, reaching out to people who may not be able to help themselves. The compassion and empathy shown by the Aman foundation, and the initiative they have taken to better the lives of peoples in all walks of life, has turned it into one of the most reliable institutes that will probably bring about significant changes in the years to come.