The two sided story: a photo exhibit and a conversation with bereaved Israeli and Palestinian citizens

Join the World Affairs Council and the Parents Circle- Families Forum for a showing of the “Presence of the Void” photo exhibit, and a conversation with Israel’s Robi Damelin and Palestine’s Bassam Aramin.

The Presence of the Void Photo Exhibit
How do you photograph a void?  Does it have a shape, a form, a color, or perhaps it is a collection of feelings and memories? Ten bereaved Palestinian and Israeli women who have all lost an immediate family member to the intractable conflict try to illustrate their loss, their longing and the void left by their loved one through photographs. The lost loved one can be found in a room full of memories, or a watch that stopped, or a window where she stood when she heard the worst, or maybe a child who bears his name.  For most of the women this is their first introduction to the camera and the language of photography.
A Conversation with Bassam Aramin and Robi Damelin
Come hear the powerful stories of two individuals who have lost their children as a result of the prolonged conflict.  Mr. Bassam Aramin and Ms. Robi Damelin will share their personal story, their struggles, and their relationship to the Israeli –Palestinian reconciliation process.
Bassam Aramin was sent to Israeli prison as a 17-year-old for his role in the Palestinian resistance.  He spent seven years there, and eventually started questioning the value of armed resistance.  Several years after his release, he co-founded “Combatants for Peace.”  He has refused to pick up arms since his release, even when, in 2007, his 10 year old daughter, Abir, was killed by an Israeli soldier’s rubber bullet on her way home from school.  He has been honored internationally for his work promoting peace and his writings, and also has been the subject of a documentary film – Within the Eye of the Storm. He is just completing his PhD in Holocaust Studies.
Robi Damelin grew up in South Africa and resisted apartheid before moving to Israel and raising a family.  Her son David, a peace activist and a member of the IDF reserves, was killed by a Palestinian sniper.  Since then, she has dedicated her time and talent to ending the violence and to creating a collaborative, formal truth and reconciliation process that will be ready for rollout when a political peace agreement is reached. Her efforts have been the subject of several documentaries, including One Day After Peace, which chronicles her quest to meet with her son’s killer and her travels to South Africa to learn from the truth and reconciliation process adopted there.
Parents Circle - Families Forum (PCFF) is a grassroots organization made up of more than 600 bereaved Palestinians and Israelis all of whom have lost an immediate family member to the conflict. The PCFF promotes reconciliation as an alternative to hatred and revenge. Its long term vision is to create a framework for a reconciliation process to be an integral part of any future peace agreements.

Join the World Affairs Council and the Parents Circle Families Forum for a showing of the “Presence of the Void” photo exhibit, and a conversation with bereaved, Israeli mother, Robi Damelin and bereaved, Palestinian father, Bassam Aramin

Friday, October 11th, 6:30-8:30pm EM Fine Art Gallery

410 Dexter Avenue North
$10 Members, $15 Non-Members Register Online
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