Charter website launched November 12, 2008

The Charter for Compassion website launches and people of all faiths, all nations and all backgrounds are invited to submit their own words to the Charter.

The Charter for Compassion is a product of its time, for its time. Using a unique web-based decision-making platform, thousands of people from more than 100 countries added their voice to the writing of the Charter. Over a six-week period, thousands of submissions were entered which were then read and commented upon by over 150,000 visitors. These contributions were then reviewed by the Council of Conscience and incorporated into the final document.

Following is a sample of the submissions received for the Charter:

"Compassion rooted in empathy implies a noble transaction between human beings, whereas a compassion based in pity establishes an imbalance of power and position. To pity another is to view the other’s situation disdainfully without necessarily being motivated to effect change for that person. To feel genuine Compassion is to apply will and action to the other’s situation creating activity to redress imbalances… A Compassionate Society is a sharing society, one the mass of humanity will have their genuine needs met. Bring it on." ~ Greg Rzesniowiecki, Secular/Nonreligious, Australia

"Youth are also the most vulnerable minds. Their minds should be fine tuned by providing them with compassionate educators and institutions. Youth are the future generations so they should be well informed on how to take this world ahead." ~ Sohail Selmi, Islam, Pakistan

"The scholar must look at all religions in order to understand the similarities; the essence of every religion is the same. Every human comes from the light whether he is Hindu, Christian, Muslim or an atheist. God is not restricted to any country and religion and pervades the entire cosmos. This means every human." ~ Mohit Misra, Hinduism, India

"We must remember that compassion is for everyone, but can only be felt on an individual basis. We cannot make others compassionate, only set the tone for them to become compassionate as well."  ~ Mike Morgan, Christianity, United States