The Shift Network: "The Global Compassion Movement"

On Tuesday, July 16th, Jon Ramer hosted a special event on The Shift Network -- a 90-minute panel discussion with three leaders of the global compassion movement:

  • Anil Sachdev, Founder and CEO of Grow Talent Company Limited and the School Of Inspired Leadership.
  • Marilyn Turkovich, Education Director and Partner Director for Charter for Compassion international.
  • Andrew Himes, Executive Director of Charter for Compassion International.

Download the panel discussion here. This is a big file, so you'll have to wait a few minutes while it downloads.

The interview is part of the Summer of Peace Summit a free global telesummit featuring interviews of many of the world's leading peace builders! The Summer of Peace is a call to action – inviting us all and providing specific actions and steps we can take to create both inner peace in our own lives and outer peace in our families, communities and the world. For more information, please visit

The Shift Network received some great feedback from listeners including:
  • "Thank you for this, it is SO beautiful."
  • "Most excellent! Thanks for sharing your words and hearts with each other and the world. These are exciting times."
  • "I am also delighted to be a very small part of something so.... very important - thank you."
  • "Even though it is winter in Australia, I wish to be involved and will indeed spread the word. Peace is a Global concern ... Peace to all."