Compassionate Footprint Project


Compassionate Footprint focuses on bringing about a positive behavioral change in privilege and underserved youth by teaching them to interactively co exist with one another. We aim to actively spread the project in schools of Karachi. Compassionate behaviors will be instilled in the students of these schools by designing initiatives that prepare them to gain ownership of their environment and practice peaceful activities.

The first initiative is creating dialogue by having a debate in partnership between the privilege and underserved. Debates were held in 30 schools of Karachi and three rounds were held. Each team consisted of four students, two of which came from underserved schools and two from privilege. Together these students shared ideas and put together a debate. This was their first interaction with one another. The students from diverse backgrounds came together to share their ideas with one another and together delivered a speech that kept most people in awe.

The second initiative adopt a tree that is designed to teach students about empathy, humility, altruism, and mindfulness (four of CfC's compassionate skills) by making them fully take care of trees wellbeing. The project will link privilege and underserved schools of Karachi by having them plant trees in each other’s schools. The students will then adopt trees planted by their counterparts. This will teach them to co exist with each other and practice compassion. The project will expand with the activity being conducted in parks and walls being adopted. The final objective of the project will be a complete change in the landscape with the help of the youth and creation of a hormonal society by instilling peaceful attitude in the youth.

With 400 schools and 28 universities part of Compassionate Karachi, we wish to use this vast network by creating awareness about Compassionate Footprint and identify individuals and institutions eager to combat their carbon footprint by pledging to plant and then adopt over 100,000 trees in the city of Karachi.