EMO- a project of Charter for Compassion


The golden rule to make this world a peaceful place is to treat others the same way we would wish to be treated. This dogma is what revolves around each project of the Government of Sindh Education and Literary Department. After consistent efforts of the Charter for Compassion (CFC) to make humanity common in all corners of Pakistan; the charter made another goal to take education to the next level in the country. The EMO project along with the CFC made a Sindh Education Sector Plan which sets its goal to make every child in the province not only educated without a financial aid, but also given quality education competing the private schooling system and opportunities for deserving youth to earn a living through teaching profession.

The goal of this project is to empower the younger generation of Pakistan with the powerful weapons of pen and enlightenment so that they can compete shoulder to shoulder with the world. By making free and compulsory education a legal obligation, the project also aims to make education common regardless of gender, ethnicity, and class or language barriers. Operative since 25th Feb 2016, this project has been successful in opening several schools and has started educating several millions of pupils in areas like Sukkur and Khairpur, and aims to spread more rapidly than before in other areas of Sindh at large.