Hifza – A young woman who started off as a beautician before joining Mumkin, Hifza used to earn only Rs. 8000, all of which went into supporting her family, as her father was the only bread-winner, and could not fulfill the basic necessities of their family. She joined Mumkin’s Office Management course, where she polished her basic IT skills, along with her grooming and compassionate skills, which helped her to enhance her personal and professional behavior. Since completing her course, she has been working in CIS Link Technologies as the Marketing & Sales Executive, supporting her family as an empowered young woman, with a wish to pursue her studies, in order to achieve her dreams.

Iqra – She used to teach at Al Qadir School Lyari and give home-based tuitions, in order to meet her family expenses, being her family’s only bread-winner. After joining Mumkin’s computer course, she has learnt basic computer literacy, along with improved communication and compassionate skills. Currently, she is the Area Supervisor of Health Workers in Lyari, and earning around Rs. 23,000 to support her family. According to her, the course helped her build confidence in her personality and made her opt for a job other than teaching to build her career.

Asma – A courageous woman with two children in Lyari, Asma initially used to stitch clothes in her neighborhood. She used to earn around Rs. 2,500 per month, to fulfill her family’s needs. She joined Mumkin’s dress-making course to polish her tailoring skills and learn new techniques and designs, which helped her improve her stitching quality. After the course, she continued her small business with more efficiency. She is an entrepreneur and now earning more than enough to support her kids’ education and other necessities. She has high ambitions to open a boutique in the near future.

Uroob – She only procured an education till 2nd grade because of her family’s financially weak background and was unable to continue it in future. She was jobless for a while before joining Mumkin’s dress-making course, and was ambitious to have a career in stitching. She used to stitch Balochi traditional wear at home, which did not pay very well. After completing the course, she got a job in a stitching unit, where she has been earning well and supporting her family as an empowered woman. She said that the course helped her build confidence in herself and that her stitching quality improved a lot while working at the CfC Employment Centre.

Fatima – As a position holder of Mumkin’s Computer course and after working as an intern in CfC, currently, she got a job in Maryam Academy as a teacher. She is an ambitious girl of Lyari who wish to pursue her studies as a step towards building a career. After her matriculation, she needed to help her family as they were unable to fulfill their basic family needs. She joined Mumkin’s Office Management course to improve her IT skills as she has interest in learning information technology. According to her, the computer course helped her in learning more about the latest technology and made her to pursue her future studies.

Securing the Future by Sewing

Bushra, a struggling wife from Haripur, now lives in Sultanabad, Karachi. The option of making ends meet through selling fabric, which she used to do in her home, is no longer open to her at the age of 38, due to fewer profit margins.

That is, until she met Zainab, a mobilizer of Charter for Compassion, well-known for her community mobilization skills in Sultanabad, who told her about a free stitching training course in Mumkin-Subh-e-Kiran Center Sultanabad. Bushra seized the opportunity; today, she “is one of the most committed students in the class,” reports Marium, the Center Coordinator at the Mumkin-Subh-e-Kiran Center in Sultanabad, which is managed by Charter for Compassion Pakistan. Because of such centers managed by Charter for Compassion in Sultanabad, Orangi Town, and Nanakwara which are underserved areas, women like Bushra are able to start their own businesses and earn at a good profit margin.

Bushra is self-empowered now, and gets various stitching orders, which she makes at the Mumkin center along with her other colleagues. She recently received an order of 250 school dresses from Haripur She is stitching the dresses in Mumkin-Subha-e-Kiran Center and will deliver the order shortly.

“All of the 20 girls who were chosen for the first batch are from Sultanabad. We gladly support and encourage to anyone who we feel is marginalized and is from vulnerable segments of society,” explains Zareen Qureshi, Executive Director of Charter for Compassion Pakistan.

“We are taught everything, right from sketching, drafting, cutting, stitching, and finishing” says Bushra. What is most interesting is how these girls, in this women-friendly space, learn each other’s traditional stitches specific to the culture of each community.