Charter for Compassion Pakistan has collaborated with Sindh Education Foundation and has signed a contract with Sindh Education Foundation on 20th December, 2017 for the management of eight schools in Badin. These schools are located in underserved areas of Badin and we encountered various problems before formally initiating our program. For instance, the GR directory had the student names but there was no proof of them attending schools at all. While CfC has been ensuring students attendance, students learning outcomes, assessment plans, career development of teachers as well students, at the end, it is the will of the local community that will help us accomplish the goal. Education is an important avenue for personal growth and CfC envisions a generation of students who is compassionate and altruistic, and to this end, we have integrated the nine compassionate skills with formal education system. Since we have acquired the school, we have designed and applied different criteria to hire quality teachers, and comprehensive methods were used to administer the gap analysis.

The main objectives are to provide primary and secondary education in rural areas of Sindh, to engage/retain students in order to create friendly education system, and to promote education system through sports activity.