• ENGAGING in activities relating to the CLP.
  • INSPIRING students through compassionate talks.
  • MENTORING students in Big Sister and Big Brother Programs.
  • We plan on creating a society within the org which will form into one or more of the following clubs:

  • Dramatic Reading
  • Compassionate Talks
  • Big Sister & Big Brother Program
  • To make things more meaningful, it is important to know our audience and assess their level of compassion. This will help us to match people accordingly plus it will hopefully create a ripple effect within the org.

    Dramatic Readers Club:
    This will start off with multiple sessions inside the schools at their own convenience. Opening dates will be shared in advance with DR Club members. Individuals will be requested to fill in based on their availability. The year will end with a final ceremony where the students will perform for all the other schools at a common venue.

    Compassionate Talks:
    This will take place in both Privileged as well as underprivileged schools. Members of Jubilee Life Insurance will be asked to visit schools and give talks to them with the objective of inspiring them and creating awareness about what it means to be an adult and how to apply compassion in the workplace.

    Big Sister and Big Brother:
    These mentors will be paired up with students for a period of 10 weeks (to be revised if an extension is needed). The students will then be able to learn firsthand from their ‘Bigs’ (JLI employees) who will guide them just like an elder sibling throughout the duration of the initiative.