CSN started in December 2012 following two years of research on integration of Compassion in the daily lives of Pakistan’s citizens. The Compassionate School Network is the first of its kind in the world and is a locally grown initiative with the objective to give educators the tools and training they need to teach compassion. The goal is to raise compassionate children who will then grow up to become compassionate adults, creating a more tolerant and peaceful society. Compassionate School Network project incorporates nine behavior based skills of compassion in students’ lives through training of educators and creation of supplementary curriculum. 200 schools are part of this network; however, 70 schools are actively participating as of today. Out of those, 42 reside in high-income groups while 28 cater to children from low-income areas of Karachi. Over the years, CfC Pakistan has trained 5,000 teachers in nine skills of compassion, conflict management, and Peace, the teachings of which have trickled down to over 35,000 children in the city. The donor for this project was the United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Recently, CfC in collaboration with DAI, is building the capacity of 40 schools engaging 450 teachers in 6 new underprivileged communities across Karachi. Additionally, an anti-bullying campaign has been added to the program. This includes training of selected teachers from these schools by Psychologists on fostering positive behavioral change in the students.