The Collaborative Libraries Project (CLP) is part of the Compassionate Karachi (CK) movement, which invited the citizens to send in their 5 visions of a Compassionate Karachi. The most popular among the millions was to promote quality education for all. The goal of CLP is to promote education and reading in both underserved and privileged schools. Under CLP, CfC has established 15 libraries in underserved schools (11 in Korangi, 2 in Lyari, and 2 in Shireen Jinnah Colony). The collaboration was formed with 15 privileged schools (Bayview High School, Indus Academy, Froebel, Haque Academy, and more) that have partnered with the libraries. Numerous activities have been planned to engage the students from the 30 schools to interact with one another while promoting education. “Shelve a Book Drive” was the first activity conducted in all 15 privileged schools in which students gifted books to the underserved schools. With an overwhelming response, we received over 7,000 books which are now currently shelved in the libraries we created. To promote reading in the libraries, we have also launched “Partner in Reading.” In this particular activity, we take students from both underserved schools and privileged schools and bring them together, so they can read with one another. The selected stories have a distinct theme of peace and harmony. Over 10 reading sessions have been held so far with over 500 participants.