Compassionate Footprint is an ecological project that is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint that in turn will reduce the greenhouse effect. It will engage schools, universities and organizations to adopt trees and become environmentally responsible. We aim to actively spread the project to 160 schools of Karachi (80 privileged and 80 underserved) in the first year. Compassionate behaviors will be instilled in the students of these schools by designing initiatives that prepare them to take ownership of their environment and practice peaceful activities. The first initiative is creating a dialogue regarding ‘peaceful sustainable environment’ by having a debate in partnership between the privileged and underserved schools. The second initiative lets you adopt a tree that teaches students about empathy, humility, altruism, and mindfulness (four of CfC's compassionate skills) by making them fully responsible for trees’ wellbeing. The project will link privilege and underserved schools of Karachi by having them plant trees in each other’s schools. The students will then adopt trees planted by their counterparts. This will teach them to co-exist and practice compassion. The project will expand with the activity being conducted in parks and walls being adopted. The final objective of the project will be a complete change in the landscape with the help of the youth in the creation of a harmonious society by instilling a peaceful attitude in them.