Compassionate Business Quotient is an effort to evoke compassionate thought and action in individuals from different walks of life. In 2011, a study was conducted in Pakistan to determine the level of compassion in professionals from 21 organizations from different industries and sectors, surprisingly none of these reputable organizations could be categorized as highly compassionate. This indicates the dire need for compassionate trainings in organizations.

Compassionate business practices can provide businesses not only with improved financial performance, but also an all new organizational behavior where compassion will be a fundamental part of the organizational values. Compassionate behaviors between the organization and the stakeholders can better work situations and work ethics, resulting in improved corporate relations, decreased turnover costs, and high employee productivity.

CBQ assists in the overall cultural development of an organization, helps build strong employeremployee relationships, enhances organizational performance, increases employee job satisfaction, and most importantly provides training at all levels to improve interpersonal relationships by instilling team-building, conflict resolution, and intrinsic motivation skills. Happy employees also make for a more congenial workplace and improved customer service. Employees in positive moods are more willing to help peers and to provide customer service on their own accord. In doing so, they boost coworkers’ productivity levels and increase coworkers’ feeling of social connection, as well as their commitment to the workplace and their levels of engagement with their job.