Collaborative Libraries Project


Rampant with the harsh realities of life everybody needs an escape – the ability to sink into a world of our own imagination, a place where super heroes exist and our troubles are eradicated with grandeur endings. Recognizing that this escape is found in the books we read, Charter for Compassion Pakistan partnered with Jubilee Life Insurance tolaunch the Collaborative Libraries Project (CLP) in 2015.

To revitalize the art of reading in our society, we decided to introduce the concept of libraries in schools located in less affluent areas of Karachi.As the name suggests, CLP is a collaborative effort which involved generous donations of books from a network of 15 privileged schools.

Having books that are both educational, fun-to-read and easily accessible helps encourage independent learning, intellectual curiosity and inculcates a lifelong passion for reading. To further nurture this aim, CLP regularly conducts engaging activities that keep the fervor of the project alive

Moreover, the team has been working towards creating an ambiance within these libraries where students can interact with their environment. In doing so, we have installed book shelves, tables, chairs, computers and painted the walls with bright colours to add life to these rooms and make the library a comfortable place to spend time in.

After successfully establishing 15 libraries, we look forward to build many more all over Karachi as we believe no child should be stripped off the right to education; it is an educated mind that finds the zeal to bring change, to make a difference, to think and to become.