Compassionate Community Network

Compassionate Community Network was started by CfC and focuses on three main stake holders of the society; children, parents and schools. The aim is to instill the nine compassionate skills in them. Projects have been created by the CfC team focusing on each of the stake holders.

Compassionate Cricket Camp

The community cricket camp was inaugurated in February 2014 in three conflict prone areas of Karachi; Korangi, Lyari and Sultanabad/ Hijrat Colony. Trials were held in the first month which received an overwhelming response and six teams of Under 18 were created in each area. The CFC team has adopted grounds in these areas and installed netting and pitch facilities in them. Three coaches have been hired and the players have been provided with best quality cricket kits.   The aim of the project is to teach the children four compassionate skills (mindfulness, courage, forgiveness and integrity) in order to make them better adults.

 Practice sessions have begun and are being held four times a week. The camp has led to the communities coming together as one leaving their race, sect and class behind. After the end of the practice sessions a tournament will be held where the teams will be competing against one another to fully display their sportsmen spirit. 

Coordinators Project

Charter for Compassion Pakistan started the coordinators project in January 2014 in three adopted public schools in Sultanabad.  Two coordinators were hired to monitor the academic and administrative issues faced by the school. The coordinators sent in daily updates and weekly reports on the problems and developments of the schools. To overcome the prevalent problems and formulate solutions CfC and the schools’ management meets on a monthly basis. The performance of the school is evaluated against pre-set objectives to determine the progress in the school.

Since the launch of this project, reports show that teachers have become more responsible and adopted a more serious attitude towards their student’s future. Class attendance has increased by 60% in just the first five months and teacher absenteeism has decreased by 40%.

This project was initiated with the vision to develop the school as a model to further execute this project in more schools and make it part of the Compassionate School Network.

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